SIT30816 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

Course Description

Course Code and Name
SIT30816 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery 

This qualification reflects the role of commercial cooks who use a wide range of well-developed cookery skills and sound knowledge of kitchen operations to prepare food and menu items. Using discretion and judgement, they work with some independence and under limited supervision using plans, policies and procedures to guide work activities.

This qualification provides a pathway to work as a commercial cook in organisations such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, cafes, and coffee shops.


Course Structure
This qualification is comprised of 21 core (mandatory) units of competency and 4 elective units. Participants undertaking a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) pathway can select the most appropriate 4 units from the list below. Those undertaking the delivered course will have set electives. 

For more information on this qualification, please contact Australian Consolidated Training.


Core Units

BSBSUS201 - Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
BSBWOR203 - Work effectively with others
SITHCCC001 - Use food preparation equipment
SITHCCC005 - Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery
SITHCCC006 - Prepare appetisers and salads
SITHCCC007 - Prepare stocks, sauces and soups
SITHCCC008 - Prepare vegetable, fruit, egg and farinaceous dishes
SITHCCC012 - Prepare poultry dishes
SITHCCC013 - Prepare seafood dishes
SITHCCC014 - Prepare meat dishes
SITHCCC018 - Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements
SITHCCC019 - Produce cakes, pastries and breads
SITHCCC020 - Work effectively as a cook
SITHKOP001 - Clean kitchen premises and equipment
SITHKOP002 - Plan and cost basic menus
SITHPAT006 - Produce desserts
SITXFSA001 - Use hygienic practices for food safety
SITXFSA002 - Participate in safe food handling practices
SITXHRM001 - Coach others in job skills
SITXINV002 - Maintain the quality of perishable items
SITXWHS001 - Participate in safe work practices

Elective units

BSBCMM201 - Communicate in the workplace
TLIE1005 - Carry out basic workplace calculations

Asian Cookery
SITHASC001 - Prepare dishes using basic methods of Asian cookery
SITHASC002 - Prepare Asian appetisers and snacks
SITHASC003 - Prepare Asian stocks and soups
SITHASC004 - Prepare Asian sauces, dips and accompaniments
SITHASC005 - Prepare Asian salads
SITHASC006 - Prepare Asian rice and noodles
SITHASC007 - Prepare curry pastes and powders
SITHASC008 - Prepare Asian cooked dishes
SITHASC009 - Prepare Asian desserts
SITHASC010 - Prepare Japanese cooked dishes
SITHASC011 - Prepare sashimi
SITHASC012 - Prepare sushi
SITHASC013 - Produce Japanese desserts
SITHASC014 - Prepare dim sum
SITHASC015 - Prepare Chinese roast meat and poultry dishes
SITHASC016 - Prepare tandoori dishes
SITHASC017 - Prepare Indian breads
SITHASC018 - Prepare Indian sweetmeats
SITHASC019 - Prepare Indian pickles and chutneys

Client and Customer Service
SITXCCS006 - Provide service to customers

Commercial Cookery and Catering
HLTAHA019 - Assist with the monitoring and modification of meals and menus according to individualised plans
SITHCCC003 - Prepare and present sandwiches
SITHCCC004 - Package prepared foodstuffs
SITHCCC009 - Produce cook-chill and cook-freeze foods
SITHCCC010 - Re-thermalise chilled and frozen foods
SITHCCC015 - Produce and serve food for buffets
SITHCCC016 - Produce pates and terrines
SITHCCC017 - Handle and serve cheese
SITHCCC021 - Prepare specialised food items

Communication and Teamwork
SITXCOM001 - Source and present information
SITXCOM002 - Show social and cultural sensitivity

Computer Operations and ICT Management
BSBITU202 - Create and use spreadsheets
BSBITU301 - Create and use databases
BSBITU306 - Design and produce business documents

First Aid
HLTAID003 - Provide first aid

Food Safety
SITXFSA003 - Transport and store food

SITXINV001 - Receive and store stock
SITXINV003 - Purchase goods

Work Health and Safety
SITXWHS002 - Identify hazards, assess and control safety risks

Working in Industry
SITHIND002 - Source and use information on the hospitality industry

Recognition of Prior Learning - Enrol anytime 

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual's relevant prior learning (including formal, information and non-formal learning).

Australian Consolidated Training offers RPL for all accredited courses. For this qualification, four (4) years experience in the commercial cookery industry is indicative of success. For those who do not have four years experience, please contact us to discuss your options.

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Australian Consolidated Training offers on-the-job apprenticeships funded by User Choice Queensland. This qualification is funded by the Department of Education, Training and Employment for Queensland trainees.

Apprenticeships are completed on-the-job with support from Australian Consolidated Training's highly experienced Trainers/Assessors. This model suits employers who do not wish to send their apprentices to block release training, and who would like to take an active role in the training of their apprentices.

This model does not suit all employers and the apprentice must have access to a qualified onsite supervisor who can mentor them and provide evidence of practical training.

Some units of competency may not be able to be taught in the workplace. In this case, some offsite training may be required.

Student Contribution Fees apply. Please refer to the "Apprenticeships/Traineeships" page for more information.